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How to make Him Propose

How to Make Him Propose – Final Part

The Final 6 Points on “How to Make Him Propose” Don’t be desperate: I said this a lot in my seminars, sex will not keep a man and pregnancy will not make him stay. Trying to be a tiger in bed to convince him to marry you will only piss him off. Don’t try too […]


How to Make Him Propose Part 2

…Continuing from Part 1 1. Work on yourself: Before a man can see you as a wife, you need to see yourself as one, package yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, academically, financially and otherwise. I’m not saying you should be a millionaire, but you must position yourself to be any man’s dream. Have you ever considered […]


How to make Him Propose Part 1

In my years of practice as a marriage counselor, I have come to realized that one of the major questions in the head of every single lady is the question “Will he marry me?” The number of e-mails and text messages I get on this topic is alarming, and the most surprising ones are the […]


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