How to Make Him Propose Part 2

…Continuing from Part 1

1. Work on yourself: Before a man can see you as a wife, you need to see yourself as one, package yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, academically, financially and otherwise. I’m not saying you should be a millionaire, but you must position yourself to be any man’s dream. Have you ever considered why some ladies are complaining about being confused on who to choose among the many suitors they have, while so many are crying about not finding Mr. right? Have you ever thought about what made them so thick and marketable? It is called packaging, every man, even woman likes good things and nobody wants to be friends with losers. Work on you, package yourself in every area of life to be the best any man can get. It is doable, it’s just a matter of determination.

2. Consider your self esteem: There’s different between pride and low self esteem. Nobody will see you better than the way you see yourself. See yourself as being good enough for any man, boldly tell yourself that any man that loses you has lost the best wife material he can ever have. This way, the man will start seeing you like that.

3. Have a life: I assume you are dating/courting already and the issue here is how to make him take the bold step of settling down. Don’t be a pest! Men hate stalkers, have your own friends. Your life should not revolve around him alone. Don’t let him feel you are helpless and lonely in his absence. Don’t get this twisted, I’m not saying you should be nonchalant about him or your relationship, but you need to strike a balance between your love life and your personal life. Don’t always whine, grind and crawl around him, get busy and hang out with your female friends. This will give him assurance that being in love is not the end of his world. These principles also apply to the married, if you have no life outside your marriage, even if it’s just 5% with friends and family, you will choke the marriage. Learning to balance things up is important here.

4. Meet his friends and family: Make effort to get close to his friends and families, be sure he’s genuinely introducing you to people in his life. Watch his tone and body languages whenever he’s doing this, Is this how he brings every Joy, Jane and Jacky or did he introduce you because you are special?

5. Invite him to family functions: Whenever a function is happening around your family and friends, try and carry him along. You can get him the Aso Ebi cap and watch his reactions. Was he happy to wear the cap alongside you wearing the head gear? Was he eager or reluctant to go with you to the function? Was he eager to build relationship and make friends with your friends and family?

6. Drop hints: You can get wedding magazines, and drop on his table next time you are visiting, Watch his action to see if he’s interested in such things. Discuss your plans about the possibility of changing his accommodation and probably car after wedding. Discuss your plans for future together freely with him as constantly as possible without sounding desperate.

 Next time the final part to the series…