Uncle Raymond(not real name)!, that was Rose’s (not real name) brother, calling Raymond as if they have known for years, it was Rose’s and Raymond’s wedding. When i saw the bond between the two families, my mind flashed back to how they met. I have been practicing as a relationship and marriage counselor for three […]
The beautiful and curvy Mercy Jhonson Okojie took to her Instagram page to send an adorable birthday message to her husband. Intimate Solution wish you a beautiful marriage full of love and happiness just as you desired. Read her heart touching and loving message…. “Odi ur so oooo shy but: I Love d way u […]
Marriage is meant to be beautiful and two better than one, but one beging to wonder how something so beautiful could suddenly turn sour. The Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Lola Akande, has revealed how sad she was when she saw actress Mercy Aigbe’s condition when she came to her office […]
Veteran comedian Alibaba has a message for women who think men are a financial plan and men who share the same thoughts. Read below and share your thoughts: This is what I should have sent to that extremely pretty lady I met in a Governor’s Lodge, in Abuja in 2009. When I say she was a beauty… I mean finer […]
Feeling rejected? We’ve all been there. Some of us more than others but the great thing about rejection is that there are endless possibilities that you can venture to. Don’t allow rejection to take over your life without a fight. The reality of life is that rejection will form a part of it. There will be occasions when your job application, your relationship, or your […]
THE URGENT NEED FOR PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING/THERAPY IN NIGERIA I recently counseled a young couple, they were separated and decided to come for counseling after the guy attempted suicide. The wife left with their two kids and the man became lonely and miserable. It took the intervention of neighbors and friends to rescue him, this is […]
Roland and Esther met each other through a friend, courted for a couple of years and later got married. Roland has tried his best to make Esther happy but she was always lamenting that nobody including her husband loves her. At a counseling session after several years of Roland coping with the situation, the counselor […]
I used to believe that the 20s was the best time in life to snag a mate. From my perspective as a 13-year-old girl, the 20s seemed like the prime years of life, a time for independence, freedom, and for falling in love. I’m imagined I’d be young and fresh, exciting and energetic, inspired and in love…what a perfect time for a romance. Finding love would be easy, in your 20s. […]
The whole essence of our relationships is to find someone that can complement us, make us better and above all walk with us to a mutual destination. This week we have come up with 70 questions you need to ask yourself before saying yes to that person and if you have, it’s time to start […]