Finding True Love

My world nearly crumbled when I found out I was HIV positive. I felt my aspirations of having a family shatter due to this discovery. I became dejected and had almost died of depression, when I found out about Intimate Matchmaking. I felt matchmaking was not for people of my status. How do I tell my match I’m positive? The fear of the unknown was eating me up until I read about the special matchmaking services available. This way, I don’t have to worry about rejection and privacy issues. The special matchmaking services made things so easy, I know that whoever I’m meeting with is someone who already knows my status and is ready to settle down with me, irrespective. The confidentiality and professional way things were handled was very  impressive and within a month I met Ijeoma. She was so beautiful and homely, quiet and friendly, fun to be with and hardworking, she’s also positive and has been living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to bore you with a long story. Today we are happily married and blessed with a healthy, handsome son. The story of my life would have ended in frustration and probably suicide, if I haven’t met Intimate Matchmaking. It can be complicated trying to get married as a HIV positive person, but Intimate Matchmaking has totally solved the puzzle and removed the hassle. My life is beautiful because of this service. If you are HIV positive, it’s not the end of life, with Intimate Matchmaking, you can still have fulfilled marital life.